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Design as Discovery, Industrial Design Senior Show @ Iowa State Univesity



This project had the goal to explore the intersections of Design that are relative to me as a Nigerian-American Woman, in the Industrial Design sector. By re-imagining the future of Industrial Design through understanding, sustaining, and being encompassed by my Nigerian roots, I would strengthen my design ideology for this personal exploratory narrative. Additionally I have re-crafted found items & trash to evolve their life, adapting to my Nigerian inspired minimal approach.

Specifically, to better inform my practices it’s essential for me to understand historical design processes, contemporary practices, textiles, and natural homegrown materials for both Nigeria and my current residence in Iowa. Infusing the two diverse areas has led to new stylized designs which infuse my identities as an Industrial Designer. ‘Creating’ and ‘Discovering’ but also remaining aesthetically satisfying is important to me as I would like to use, and enjoy the presence of my creations.

Additional Research and Material:

Green Product Award Subission (3/9)