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more than monoliths x ebere agwuncha  
featured artist

follow along my more than monoliths exploration for the month of june. i will be posting experients, video, uncovering relevant archived subjects, books, and co-host a discussion with cameron gray later in june. full program description below:

“Local artist Cameron Gray will host conversations with featured artists, diving into the beauty of Black creators and their creations. Each discussion will identify and explore how the featured artist defines themselves and their practice—whether they imbue their creations with an understanding of Blackness from their discipline, images of the Black body, historical American aspects of Blackness, or the beauty of African influence.

This project aims to dispel the notion of Blackness as a single monolithic experience, just as art can’t be reduced to a single form, media, or subject.”

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More Than Monoliths: Artist Talk With Ebere Agwuncha

June 24 at 7pm CT via Zoom

More Than Monoliths: Discussion Featuring Summer 2021 Artists
August 21st at 1pm - 3pm CT in Ames, Iowa

fluid cusps
plates issue 03: body of water
breakfast 2021

joyus to share this recent visual writing piece titled “fluid cusps” published in @platesjournal - plates issue 03: body of water.

~ this collection of images and visual stills are fluid cusps and note an intimate connection with water. one cusp remains physical while the other is an indirect visual representation of the Black body behind the image. the reflection is out of sync and aims to re-calibrate with each instance. ~

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Chicago Architecture Biennial
Available City 2021

Thrilled to share that I will be participating on 2 teams for the Chicago Architecture Biennale this year - In Care of Black Women and ProjectHOOD. I am honored to be within both of these spaces exploring activations around vacant lots both situated in the Woodlawn areas. 

“The Available City offers an iterative and generative design process aimed at transforming vacant space into collective space. Through an improvisational approach, the input of and interaction between various stakeholders—including community residents—can reveal endless possibilities for creating and introducing new spaces for education, arts and culture, health and wellness, businesses, urban agriculture, and affordable housing.”

Stay tuned for more details with both of these projects through CAB. 

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designer in residence

I am currently a designer in residence with the non profit - alt_chicago. this is an amazing organization that is “dedicated to revitalizing communities through art and culture.” this special space is filled with care, organizing free markets around the city of Chicago for the community to collect food and essential items.

“That said, we challenged our Designer in Residence @ebere.agwuncha to envision a public trash bin from repurposed materials that would allow long term beautification of our community. We are pleased to introduce the alt_[].”

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