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Queer Abstraction Opening  
June 21st, 2019
The Des Moines Art Center (full show)
Anna K. Meredith Gallery & I.M Pei Building

Photography - Brittany Brooke Crow

As a team - Taylor Blair and I submitted a winning proposal for the first Queer Abstraction Exhibition and the Des Moines Art Center. This installation was be a memorable, fun, and social media-friendly addition to the Queer Abstraction Opening. ‘Visitors will be able to just simply take a photo, or get more involved, only bounded by their creativity.’

As artists we are passionate about the ways design can make our world a better, brighter place. We create art that will be fun to interact with for all people. The people viewing our art should feel immersed, and experience it with their own special interaction.

An estimated 1000 people attendidng this openeing night and there was a great response this is pop-up exhibit. Pleanty of media coverage of the event: